Saturday, August 28, 2004

Patriotism, the last refuge.

Dr Badri Raina has an excellent and must-read article in The Hindustan Times today.
"...So the question that has been asked several times in the last some years needs to be asked again: what is the relationship of the BJP and the RSS? Does the BJP subscribe to the tenets, views, principles regarding the Constitution, the national flag, Parliament, and the polity of the nation? Or does it dissociate its politics as a participant in India’s electoral, parliamentary, constitutional democracy from the perspectives that still inform the RSS and its many front organisations? How is it that while Uma Bharti today makes an issue of the national flag, she does not think of planting it first over the RSS headquarters at Nagpur on her way to Hubli. ..."
Fine print: Dr Raina is related to me.


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