Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What? Now an IT Park named after RajivGandhi?!

The Congress Member of Parliament from Chandigarh, Pawan Kumar Bansal wants an IT Park coming up near Chandigarh to be named after Rajiv Gandhi. Nothing surprising.

This is what I have written to Gen S F Rodrigues (Retd), PVSM, AVSM, Chandigarh Administrator:
"A recent report in national dailies stated that Congress Member of Parliament from Chandigarh, Pawan Kumar Bansal, has urged the Punjab Governor and Chandigarh Administrator, S. F. Rodrigues, to name the upcoming IT Park at Kishangarh here after the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

May I humbly submit that we have a plethora of parks, stadia, road, buildings, bhawans, etc., named after Shri Rajiv Gandhi. No disrespect to him but this country has produced other eminent citizens who have blazed trails in their own fields.

Why not name the upcoming IT Park after Vinod Dham, an Indian who was involved in the design of the ubiquitous Intel microchips?

It's time governments realised that there are other people too who are as deserving, if not more, than political leaders."
Will anything change? Nothing.


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