Thursday, May 05, 2005

Let's talk business, Mr Maran.

Okay, I want a 2Mbps ADSL connection and I'm in the USA. So, Verizon gives it to me for US$59.95 and it is 3Mbps upstream/768Kbps downstream. How much is US$59.95...around Rs 2,600. SBC Yahoo! charges me US$36.99 or Rs 1,600 for 1.5-3Mbps upstream/384-512Kbps downstream with dynamic IP.

What do I get for that much from BSNL? If I pay Rs 3,000 then I get a 512Kbps connection with a data transfer cap of 10GB. MTNL is a bit measly, only 2.5GB download limit for a 512Kbps connection.

You needn't be a rocket scientist to figure out that even for business, we are getting gypped even when compared to the US. Going by what the Minister says.


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