Thursday, October 07, 2004

What is wrong with India's Left?

This is what Lord Meghnad Desai has to say:
"Sovereignty is a cry raised in desperation. It tells us that the Left alone cares about India. But how does it care? By yoking it with failed policies and bankrupt philosophies which guarantee slow growth and no poverty reduction? No doubt the workers in public sector industries and in ministries will be looked after with tender care as they were through the years of low growth, when their salaries rose faster than the rate of growth of the economy. India’s infrastructure will remain poor; its airports slums; roads full of potholes; and power cuts frequent, except of course for MPs. But thank heavens, India’s sovereignty, that delicate plant which only the Left cares about, will thrive. Alas, that sort of sovereignty will not help a landless labourer secure employment nor an illiterate woman learn. It is only a device to keep the Left in the seat of power and influence."
Read it all here.


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